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    Choosing Colours

    Colorbond Colours and Colour Choices with Queensland Roofing

        • Choosing Colorbond Re Roofing Colours

    Choosing the colour of your roof is simple at Queensland Roofing. Simply email a photo of your house to and we will do the editing and changing of roofing colors for you. You will receive an email back within 24hrs with your home and the colours we have changed it to. You can either send through the colour or colours that you would like to see your roof changed to, or you could let us recommend them for you. Click HERE do download the Colorbond Color Charts.

        • Colorbond Colours

    We have the full range of colorbond colours for you to choose from. When you send us the photo of your house we will add the Colorbond colours to the roof and gutters if possible. The better and clearer the photo that you can take the better the result from us here. The example in the video was a great angle. However, not every homeowner can look down on their roof, so take your photo from the most natural position, the area where you will most commonly see your roof. We find the best looking colours are the ones that take not only the colours of your house into account but also the colours of the surrounding environment, including lawns, trees, driveways and gardens.

        • Choosing Paint Colours Roof Restoration

    The same visual rules apply when choosing Colorbond colours in Re Roofing, as they do for choosing Roof Painting colours in roof restoration and roof painting projects. However, roof painting offers a lot more versatility when it comes to choosing colours. Due to the nature of painting manufacturing, the ability to vary the colours is greatly increased. If fact when it comes to choosing colours for your roof painting and roof restoration project there are not limitations on what colours you can choose. Put simply, Queensland Roofing can mix and match any variation of colours to develop a paint colour that in unique to your home.

    Don’t be shy we would love to send you colour choices from the colorbond range. Send us your photo now!