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    Roofing Jobs in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast can be hard to come by. We are always seeking good quality human beings with good skills for various jobs in the the roofing industry. We have roofing work available in many areas of the roofing industry. We are always looking for honest, dedicated and skilled trades people that we can introduce to our team.

    We are strict with who we will take on however, so make sure that you are licensed and willing to think on your feet. Below you will see the form for your details. Roofing jobs vary in skills, from roof tiling work through to metal roofing jobs. Asbestos jobs are also available however it is highly important that you are licensed. Remember that Queensland Roofing has been around for a long time and we are particular about who we are willing to work with so we can not gaurantee you a career in roofing, However if you feel that your skills and attitude are up for the challenge of a well established roofing company then please fill out the form below.

    Fill out the form below and you just never know, it could be the beginning of a long and rewarding career.

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