Insulated panels provide a large amount of features that are otherwise unable to be benefited from when using standard roof sheeting. For example insulated panels mean that you do not always need support beams in place underneath the panels. Due to the thickness of insulated panels larger spans can be achieved, should normal corrugated roof sheeting attempt these large spans the sheeting would sag. AnotherĀ benefit of insulated panel is a higher ceiling. Without timbers there is no need to allow for the extra distance the timbers would normally create. Another fantastic feature with insulated panels is the ability to run electrical cables between the sheeting. The cables are completely concealed and cannot be seen. Therefore with a little bit of planning you are able to have down lights and even ceiling fans. While it is true that insulated panel is considerably more expensive than standard corrugated roof sheeting, the difference between the two is corrugated roofingĀ provides nothing more than just a roof, yet insulated panel provides potential for an insulated outdoor entertaining area.

In a nutshell the benefits include

larger spans
no support beams
potential for downlights
potential for ceiling fans