Pressed Metal Tiles

Pressed metal tiles seem to cause a lot of confusion in the Queensland building industry. The reason is due to them being less common than concrete tiles or corrugated iron roofs and therefore less being know about them. From experience people generally seem confused about what to call them, where they are made and what specific type or brand. For example have a look at Metile and you will see a completely different pressed metal tile to the small stone covered decromastic tile. Some of the different names heard in the roofing and building industry are tin tile, decromastic tiles, decrobond tiles or just decro.Whatever you wish to call them, there are pros and cons of having pressed metal tiles on your roof and hopefully this article can shed some light on them. In the 70’s and 80’s the application of pressed metal tiles as a roof was a popular choice. The trend was often to overlay straight over the top of corrugated iron roofs. Home owners were chasing the look of a modern roof without the high cost of full roof replacement. This trend of installing pressed metal tiles directly over corrugated iron roofs means that today the Roof replacements of pressed metal tiles in south east Queensland often involve the roofing being stripped twice. Firstly for the pressed metal tiles and then again for the corrugated iron. While this is the case with many roof replacements it is not the case with all pressed metal tiles, and a big issue that Queensland home owners face is when there is not corrugated iron underneath the pressed metal tile and the fact that pressed metal tiles damage easily and therefore leak easily. The simple act of walking on a pressed metal tile roof can be enough to create considerable damage and therefore lead to roof leaks. Should pressed metal tiles encounter a hail storm the result can be complete destruction of the roof. 



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