ROOF LEAKING AND MOLD – Queensland Roofing

Don’t worry your roof is not leaking anymore. That stain that you see on your ceiling, its mold. I thought it was important to make a video about something that occurs over and over and over again. As a roofing company we spend a lot of time looking at leaking roofs and one of the things that we get after we have repaired a leak on someone’s roof is a phone call and that phone call often is a question of when can you come back because we think the roof is still leaking. So on many occasions that we go out, we look at the roof, we see the stain on the ceiling and the ceiling stain has grown, but here’s the thing, the roof isn’t leaking anymore. What’s happened is the mold that’s on the roof has grown. So if you do have a leaking roof and you do have a stain on the ceiling, if you don’t clean that stain or you don’t treat that stain properly, it will continue to grow. So don’t worry, your roof is not leaking. You just got to clean the mold.

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