TYPES AND BRANDS OF TILES – Queensland Roofing

In this video I’m going to explain how to find out what brand of tiles you’ve got on your roof. So, when it comes to roof repairs one of the things that we have to know is what type of tile you got on the roof. So if you’re looking to a get a quote or one tile was changed quickly best thing you can do is tell us what tile you have, that way we can bring tiles if you don’t have them. The way to do it is simply flip a tile over and have a look on the bottom of the tile what the name is. If you can’t get on the roof and flip the tile over, no worries, most houses usually keep spares somewhere, either under house, at the back, but just check that if you can’t find any spare tiles lying around anywhere then your last chance is to open the manhole, shine up the torch and see if you can see the underside of the tile. If none of those ways have worked or you’re not comfortable with any other ways, best thing to do is to get someone else to come and have a look for you.

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