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In today’s video, I want to go through some of the experiences we’ve had with Gutter Guard and also why we believe there are so many different types on the market. One of the biggest reasons I believe there’s so many different types of Gutter Guard out on the market is because it’s a balance that’s never been found. One, a product that works and two, a product that’s affordable to the average homeowner. Past experience of installing many different types of gutter guard has taught us that while it might work initially it can cause problems down the track. Going back to a roof after five years can mean it’s difficult for us to access the gutter, difficult for access to the roof and sometimes even difficult to access the broken-down debris and matter that’s got through the grill of the gutter guard and now it’s sitting in the gutter. Where does this leave us? Well, one of the products that I believe is probably the future of gutter guard is a product called GuttaFilta. It is exactly that. It’s a filtering system that is used inside the gutter as a foam insert. The filtering allows the water to go through but stops the leaf matter on top. It’s fantastic product as a roofer because if we do need to work on the roof at a later date we can still access the gutter, we can still access the roof and most importantly it’s extremely affordable.

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