Today I’m going to do my absolute best to try and answer the question of how long it takes to replace a roof. The reason that some people tiptoe around the answer of how long it would take to put on a roof is because there are a few variables that need to be considered and the biggest one is how many people are going to be on site working on the job. We like to look at having a team that enables us to do the majority of the work based on the roof not being oversized or too big between one to two days.

Now taking into consideration we like to have the materials usually there a day or two before the job starts, on top of that we’ve got to put scaffolding or edge protection around the job site. That’s another day we like to have prior to the job commencing allowed for that scaffolding to go up. So, if you look at that, you could be looking at potentially one to two days of prepping the site, one to two days of taking the roof off and replacing with the new roof and then after that you’re looking at probably another day or two days again of the scaffolding or edge protection coming down, all the rubbish being removed and the final site inspection done. I hope that helps.

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