In today’s video, I’m going to talk about how to match roof tiles when they just won’t match. Have a look at the photo you see behind me. See these strange-looking tiles placed randomly over the roof? What’s happened is the roof that has gone out there, he said he can replace the cracked and broken tiles but when going to do so, has had trouble sourcing an exact match. He’s got the type but he hasn’t got the colour. See, replacing cracked and broken tiles can put roofers in a situation where sourcing an exact match is difficult. So what should have been done? Well, the tiles that were going to be replaced should have been replaced by current tiles existing on the roof. Those tiles are sourced from the very bottom row. The reason it’s sourced from the bottom row is because that’s the row that’s difficult to see from the ground. We replace the cracked and broken tiles with the same age and colour but then when we get the new tiles we put them out of sight. I’d love to show you what it looks like but there’s nothing to see. You can’t see the new tiles because they’re out of sight. That’s the whole point.

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