Led Nail Roof

Good day. David here from Queensland Roofing. If you have a led nail roof then this is probably what we’re going to find. The led nails very rarely will hold on into this day and age. Most of them will put on to galvanized roofs long time ago and in short we get situations now where they lift up. Look, you can see here, actually you probably can’t see, so I have to explain it, this is a hole where a led nail should be. The led nail is on the old roofs, they rust, they come out of the timber work and really there’s no point trying to pull them out and try to re-screw back in because most of the time around the screws is rusted. Not only that is most of the roofs that led nail are now so old, very rarely would you want to actually keep them.

A lot of them also double run roofs. What I mean by that is that the team does not go all the way from the top to the bottom. They are more so a roof where you may have only 2 or 3 meters and another 2 or 3 meters of the sheet on top, so you’ve got two sheets basically going from top to bottom, in between those two sheets because the water can’t get out fast enough you get rust and if you’re getting rust on the inside of the roof regardless of how much you paint it and trying to do things on the outside, the fact is the roof is falling apart around you.

So, if you don’t feel that that’s enough proof by getting on the roof and having a look, best way to do it is take the manhole out and shine the torch on the inside the roof and have a look at the sheet laps and when you shine the torch up inside the roof through the manhole or from what you see is the rust on the under lap of the sheet, so you’ve got the sheet on the top and the sheet going down the bottom, on that bottom sheet you can shine the torch up and look up into that sheet and see the rust from there. Hope that helps and that – look, in most situations, I got to admit that we would replace a led nail roof, more so than we would any other metal roof, if it’s led nail it’s hammered down by now, there ain’t nothing really holding it down because in this day and age everything is screwed in and the fixings are tight.

So if you got a led nail roof, seriously consider how you are going to fix that roof and in most situations the reality is a roof replacement, not all but most situations. Anyway, Dave from Queensland Roofing, hope that helps, thanks.

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