Queensland Roofing Choosing Colours

This is a video brought to you by Queensland Roofing, quality materials and quality tradesmen since 1978. This is a video just in relation to how to choose colours for your home and some of the technologies that we have available to do so.

Look in the top right hand corner, you see me about to click on Viola! A colour. This colour sampler gives me the ability to move between different colours and I have found that something people really enjoy doing is just looking at the different colours as a shuttle between different settings. So, whilst I can do this and this is available to you, we also do if you see there on the top right hand corner, we also have pre-programmed the COLORBOND® colours pre-selected, so all of your standard COLORBOND® colours, you know including heritage reds, wilderness, all the COLORBOND® colours. So, obviously this is we’re looking at sort of a re-roof here, but it does work for tile as well. So, once again playing around with some different, just some different ideas here with the colour for fun, but if that’s not enough, we can look at the house, the roller doors and you can see there just a change in colour and the difference that that makes to getting a visual perspective of what you would like. So for more information call Queensland Roofing 1300902037

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